Vida Fodona #394: Lou Reed (1942-2013)

, por Alexandre Matias


Quase três horas pra nunca esquecermos da importância desse mestre.

Velvet Underground – “I’m Gonna Move Right In”
Lou Reed + John Cale – “Style It Takes”
Lou Reed – “Ecstasy”
Velvet Underground – “That’s the Story of My Life”
Lou Reed – “Dirty Blvd”
Lou Reed – “Man of Good Fortune”
Lou Reed – “The Blue Mask”
Lou Reed – “Sweet Jane”
Velvet Underground – “New Age”
Lou Reed + John Cale + Nico – “All Tomorrow’s Parties”
Velvet Underground – “Venus in Furs”
Velvet Underground – “Foggy Notion”
Lou Reed – “Andy’s Chest”
Lou Reed – “I Can’t Stand It”
Lou Reed – “NYC Man”
Lou Reed – “What’s Good”
Lou Reed – “Busload of Faith”
Lou Reed – “Berlin”
Lou Reed – “Lady Day”
Lou Reed – “Hangin’ Round”
Lou Reed – “Sally Can’t Dance”
Lou Reed + John Cale – “Faces and Names”
Lou Reed – “Satellite of Love”
Velvet Underground – “Pale Blue Eyes”
Velvet Underground – “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'”
Lou Reed – “Perfect Day”
Lou Reed – “Sad Song”
Lou Reed – “Magician”
Velvet Underground – “Some Kinda Love”
Velvet Underground – “Rock & Roll”
Lou Reed – “Vicious”
Velvet Underground – “What Goes On”
Velvet Underground – “Beggining to See the Light”
Velvet Underground – “I Heard Her Call My Name”
Velvet Underground – “Run Run Run”
Lou Reed + John Cale – “Hello It’s Me”
Lou Reed – “Magic and Loss”
Lou Reed – “Walk on the Wild Side”
Lou Reed – “I’ll Be Your Mirror”
Velvet Underground – “After Hours”
Velvet Underground – “I’m Not A Young Man Anymore”

You’re going to reap just what you sow…

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