Vida Fodona #307: E por que não uma hora e meia de The Cure?

, por Alexandre Matias

Nunca é demais…

Cure – “It’s Not You”
Cure – “10:15 Saturday Night”
Cure – “Fire in Cairo”
Cure – “A Reflection”
Cure – “A Play for Today”
Cure – “A Forest”
Cure – “Other Voices”
Cure – “Faith”
Cure – “One Hundred Years”
Cure – “Siamese Twins”
Cure – “Shake Dog Shake”
Cure – “Piggy in the Middle”
Cure – “In Between Days”
Cure – “The Blood”
Cure – “Killing an Arab”
Cure – “Let’s Go to Bed”
Cure – “The Walk”
Cure – “Just Like Heaven”
Cure – “Push”
Cure – “Pictures of You”
Cure – “Love Song”
Cure – “Never Enough (Big Mix)”
Cure – “A Letter to Elise”

Close to me.