Sonic Youth no Chile

, por Alexandre Matias

F de Falso

Queria ter ido também? Bom, aos que não foram, resta ouvir como foi o show. Baixe aqui. Olha o setlist…

“Teenage riot” (Daydream nation, 1988)
“Bull in the heather” (Experimental jet set, trash & no star, 1994)
“Incinerate” (Rather ripped, 2006)
“Hey Joni” (Daydream nation, 1988)
“The sprawl” (Daydream nation, 1988)
“Cross the breeze” (Daydream nation, 1988)
“Schizophrenia” (de Sister, 1987).
“Calming the snake” (The eternal, 2009)
“100%” (Dirty, 1992)
“Jams run free” (Rather ripped, 2006)
“Mote” (Goo, 1990)
“Kool thing” (Goo, 1990)
“Pink steam” (Rather ripped, 2006)
“The burning spear” (EP, Sonic Youth, 1982)
“Sacred trickster” (The eternal, 2009)
“Silver rocket” (Daydream nation, 1988)
“Shaking hell” (Confusion is sex, 1983)
“Express way to yr skull” (Evol, 1986)

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