E o monstro de fumaça?

, por Alexandre Matias

E em outra dica fuçada pelo Ronaldo, ele pinça uma entrevista dos criadores da série de 2007 em que Damon comenta que:

“I think that there are bits and pieces that someone could put together. Recently Carlton and I put out to the Yahoo community all over the world, what do you think the monster is? And some people came alarmingly close to what its origins were, how it functions, what its purpose is, but they weren’t able to go the next level as Carlton says, deeper into saying, ‘That’s what it is but what does that mean in the grander scheme of what the island is.’ It doesn’t mean that someone couldn’t accidentally back into it and anticipate something that they haven’t seen yet. But sort of the real hardcore intel about the island is going to start to reveal itself towards the end of the season as we learn more about the others.”

…que, no caso, é a seguinte:

What do you believe the monster in ‘Lost’ really is?
I think the monster was originally a highly advanced security system designed to separate participants in the experimental Dharma hatches. I think it was an effect that was designed to frighten people (smoke, noise) if they strayed too far from their experiment location. (A bit Wizard of Oz like) However, the electromagnetic force has mutated it – in the same sense as Desmond experienced time travel and can now see the future after exposure – and made it malevolent and able to physically grab things in its force (Eko, the Pilot, Locke). So in theory it may be able to be deactivated, if they can find the control room for it (which would be another hatch somewhere yet undetected)