McCartney (1970): “Lovely Linda”/ “That Would Be Something”

, por Alexandre Matias

“Lovely Linda”

“When the Studer 4-track was installed at home, this was the first song I recorded, to test the machine. On the first track was vocal and guitar, second track another acoustic guitar, then I overdubbed hand slaps on a book and finally bass. Written in Scotland, the song is a trailer to the full song which will be recorded in the future.” -McCartney 1970

“That was when Linda and I first got together. The record is me playing around the house. You hear her walking through the living room doorway out to the garden and the door squeaks at the end of the tape. That’s one of the songs from my personal experience, with “the flowers in her hair.” She often used to wear flowers in her hair, so it’s a direct diary. I was always going to finish it and I had another bit that went into a Spanish song, almost mariachi but it just appeared as a fragment and was quite nice for that reason. It opened the McCartney album, so it’s evocative of it now.” -McCartney 2001

“That Would Be Something” ao vivo no Unplugged da MTV (1991)

“That Would Be Something”

“This song was written in Scotland in 1969 and recorded at home in London – mixed later at EMI(No.2). I only had one mike, as the mixer and V.U. meters hadn’t arrived (still haven’t).” -McCartney 1970

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