Júpiter Maçã – “Collectors Inside Collections”

, por Alexandre Matias

Fm – Bbm
F7 – Bb7

F7+ Bb7+
Meeting people standing right there
Am7 D9 Gm7 C(b9)
Studying with care, collectors
F7+ Bb7+
Meeting shiny people around
Am7 D(9) Gm7 C(b9)
Flaming flower ground, collection
F7+ Bb7+
Reality for me as for you
Am7 D(9) Gm7 C(b9)
The old becomes brand, new action

Gm7 Am7 Gm7
I’m going through takes of life
Am7 Gm7 Am7
That I’m used to be so kind, after know
Bb7+ B°
Collectors inside collection

Dm C Bb Am Dm C Am (mais ou menos)
Dararadadararadadarara daaaa

B° – 123131