Rússia: o país mais CUEZI do mundo

, por Alexandre Matias

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2 thoughts on “Rússia: o país mais CUEZI do mundo

  1. Mgz disse:

    Mathias precisa façar sobre isso, o FCC nos EUA aprovaram novas leis terça sobre a internet derrubando a promessa do Obama de manter a Internet neutra

    2: Online tollbooths are allowed, destroying innovation

    The rules passed today would allow big Internet Service Providers like Verizon and Comcast to charge for access to the “fast lane.” Big companies that could afford to pay these fees like Google or Amazon would get their websites delivered to consumers quickly, while independent newspapers, bloggers, innovators, and small businesses would see their sites languish in the slow lane, destroying a level playing field for competition online and clearly violating Net Neutrality.3



  2. Tou a par disso aih, mas agradeco o toque.

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