Radiohead: The King of Limbs por dentro

E o designer oficial do Radiohead, Stanley Donwood abriu o pacote com a edição completa do King of Limbs para a Creative Review.

“In Rainbows was a great big, solid cardboard thing, if you were determined you could probably kill somebody with it, it was very heavy, and almost like a definitive statement,” he explains. By contrast, Donwood and the band wanted the King of Limbs artwork to express something less conclusive. “It’s not like the news stops when a newspaper comes out,” he continues. “It’s just ‘this is what’s happening today’. So this is released into the world on this day, and this is where this band are right now… it is a continuing thing.”

Tem até LSD!

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  1. @Jackmout disse:

    Cara, será que daqui uns dias aparece um pessoal vendendo Bike, Hoffman, Avatar, Shiva, Dalai Lama e KING OF LIMBS???

  2. Marcelo Scharlau Coelho disse:

    musicalmente, é um dos piores trabalhos do Radiohead, mas essa embalagem é fantástica… parabéns para o designer.

  3. Bruno disse:

    Só pingar a gotinha.