O King Crimson voltou à ativa

Já começou a turnê norte-americana da nova encarnação do King Crimson, mas como o David Fricke disse na Rolling Stone:

The future of this Crimson beyond the U.S. tour, especially in studio-album form, is uncertain. “Crimson as a musical undertaking can’t be judged from its records,” Fripp said in a recent British interview. “It can only be judged by live performance.”

He emphasized the latter point in Albany, in a pre-recorded welcoming announcement played over the PA a few minutes before showtime. “Embrace the moment,” Fripp suggested in his soft, precise speaking voice, firmly requesting that the audience turn off and stow all electronic devices. “Use your ears to record and your eyes to video.”

It worked. I periodically looked around the hall, for the tell-tale glow of cell phone cameras and recorders. There were none, all night. If you want a piece of this “Schizoid Man,” you have to be there.

Então enquanto Fripp não registra oficialmente estas apresentações, só nos resta nos contentar com dois vídeos, um com um solo de seus novos três bateristas, Pat Mastelotto, Bill Rieflin e Gavin Harrison:

E uma velha versão para o maior clássico do grupo, “21st Century Schizoid Man”, gravada no Hyde Park em 1969 e uploadada no próprio canal do King Crimson no YouTube:

Tomara que algum maluco se disponha a trazê-los ao Brasil… Imagina…

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