“Watching the detectives…”

, por Alexandre Matias

Falei do filme sohre o Watchmen outro dia em cima de uma notícia velha, mas o negócio tá mais adiantado do que parece. O diretor deve ser o mesmo David Hayter que escreveu o roteiro em cima do original de Alan Moore. Pra quem não ligou o nome à pessoa: Hayter é o cara que escreveu os roteiros dos dois X-Men e do Hulk – ou seja, parece boa pessoa. O legal é o papo do cara do Ain’t it Cool News, que elogia pacas o roteiro de Hayter, que ele leu no ano passado:

I had my answer within the first ten pages of the script. Hayter has done the unthinkable. He’s written the first comic book screenplay to treat its source material as literature, and he’s crafted this with all the care and complexity of end-of-the-year Oscar bait. This is an epic story about responsibility and mankind’s worst nature and hope, and in the shadow of September 11th, it feels more important than it ever has before. There are very few scripts that I read each year that I feel must be made, but this is a case where the genre is literally incomplete unless this film is brought to the screen as soon as possible. This isn’t just great film writing; it’s the very model for how to adapt something and preserve it intact while still making the hard choices that anyone faces when translating something from one media to another.

E, pelo jeito, 1) nada dos textos extensos nos finais dos episódios e 2) nada do Cthuluh em Nova York

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