Lana Del Rey na capa da Vogue

Ela está em todo lugar…

E o Sasha Frere-Jones também gostou:

A lot has happened to Grant in four years, most of it on the Internet, which is both her albatross and her instrument. In the last few years, acts like the Weeknd and Salem have benefitted from starting as rumors and remaining cloaked for long enough to drive people to constant speculation—a nervous rhythm suited to blogs and their need for multiple posts per day. Grant has benefitted from a similar dynamic. The allegedly homemade clip for her single “Video Games,” from the new album, has racked up more than twenty-one million views on YouTube since it was posted, last August; the song has gone into the Top Ten in the U.K. and several other countries; and the popular blog Hipster Runoff has rebranded itself the Lana Del Report, with the pseudonymous author Carles writing dozens of obsessive ruminations about her.

Continua lá na New Yorker.

Kate Moss = Ziggy Stardust

Bowie vive na capa da Vogue francesa. Via Dangerous Minds.

Vogue infanto-juvenil

Ó como dança!

Lady Gaga de carne

Fotografada por Terry Richardson, pra capa da Vogue Japão. Agora só falta dizer que a carne é sintética.


O site TMZ colocou, lado a lado, fotos de Madonna e da editora da Vogue italiana Franca Sozzani. Detalhe: as duas têm a mesma idade, 50 anos. A pequena diferença é que o trabalho de uma delas é ser bonita.