Vince Collins – Quando psicodelia e desenho animado viram a mesma coisa

Vince Collins, meus amigos. Creize é pouco.

Esse Life is Flashing Before Your Eyes eu até já tinha linkado aqui, por culpa do Memory Tapes.

E esse é o cara na Vila Sésamo:

Abaixo, trechos de uma entrevista que ele deu à Vice em 2009:

The films reflect the spirit of the times; I made 60s-style films in the 70s. The last three blocks of Haight Street, before the park, were lined with drug dealers. As you walked by they would whisper, “Grasssss, LSDeeeeee, cooocaine,” and occasionally, “Oooopium.” That’s what I heard all the time. The drug scare of the time was media sensationalism. The people in media were all old, they grew up before electricity and automobiles. Young people were certainly not taken seriously. Film directors were all in their 70s, assistant cameramen were in their 60s, there was nobody younger than that on the set. George Lucas grew a beard to appear older. That time was the first youth culture.

After I had made six or seven movies, the independent film scene disappeared, in the late 70s, but I kept making films anyway. That’s what I liked to do, but I wanted to make something sensational to mark the end of that era – a porno. Malice in Wonderland was the porno. Maybe it’s not considered one now, but it was a porno then.

Malice in Wonderland was actually the least known film I had made, as it turns out, because most of the theatres that showed independent films had disappeared by that point. There were no VHS or DVDs, you had to be there to see It. And it got booed anyway. Then 25 years later it started appearing on YouTube and got more views per day than it did in its entire theatrical career.

These days, it’s, “Dude, what the fuck is that shit?” Whereas back then, it was, “You are exploiting women, you filthy sexist pig!” Thus booing and hissing.

Sex has some really good shapes and actions for animation. Most of my stuff is a non-stop flow of images, start to finish – non-stop climaxes, involving the entire screen without a background/foreground concept. The Alice in Wonderland story has some great opportunities for this type of animation. Once, Malice in Wonderland was rented by a woman’s club by mistake to show at their meeting. There was an actual occurrence of “the aghast audience running from the room”. On the upside, when Malice was in post-production, the guy there told me that it was the only time his crew of tape machine operators had ever actually watched one of the projects they were working on.

Pois então, eis Malice in Wonderland, que é melhor que você assista em algum lugar que não corra o risco de ser surpreendido vendo “pornografia psicodélica de desenho animado”. Em alguns lugares, isso deve dar justa causa. Ou até cadeia.

E como eu vi no about me do vídeo acima: não assista a esses filmes chapado de ácido. Faça-se esse favor.

A vida está passando em frente aos seus olhos

Life Is Flashing (Before Your Eyes), de Vince Collins (1984). Vi lá no site do Weird Tapes.