Por trás da abertura da nova temporada de True Detective

, por Alexandre Matias

E por falar na nova temporada de True Detective (estão gostando? Demora pra pegar, mas vai bem…), o site do Creators Project conversou com o Raoul Marks, designer australiano que criou a abertura da primeira temporada e ganhou um Emmy sem ter saído de seu pequeno escritório em Sidney, sobre a variação das colagens em câmera lenta para a nova temporada da série:

“The more gloomy monotone vibes of the first season weren’t going to work… We needed some brighter turquoise and reds. We relied heavily on still photography for a lot of the locations and textural elements in the sequence. In fact, the majority of imagery comes from still images. So a large part of production was bringing the photography to life. It needed to reflect our new setting of fictional Vinci, California, and feel like a lucid dream—unsettling and full of Californian heat. The goal was to be recognizable, but also to take a new angle on the iconic aesthetic of California. We were lucky enough to have been given a whole bunch of work by photographer David Maisel. He has some beautiful photographs that we referenced: high contrast black-and-white imagery of all the snaking freeways in Los Angeles, wider California and the Lake District, and also abstract aerial photography.”

Dá pra ler a entrevista inteira aqui.

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