Os banheiros de Kubrick

, por Alexandre Matias

Já reparou que os filmes clássicos do Kubrick sempre têm uma cena crucial no banheiro? O trauma pós-estupro no Laranja Mecânica, o suicídio em Nascido Para Matar, os encontros sobrenaturais de Jack em O Iluminado e por aí vai. O blog português O Homem Que Saiba Demasiado linkou o texto Stanley Kubrick: An Indoor-Plumbing Luddite, que trata desta questão:

Kubrick presented to us the following: The downfall of civilization was predicated by the advent of indoor plumbing. In other words, as soon as the excrement was permitted in the home, it’s stench began to permeate every aspect of society. There is no need to look that far for the cause to society’s ills – simply look towards your spacious bathroom.

Kubrick’s earliest attempt to convey this message under the studio system failed miserably. For decades, lost on the cutting room floor, was a scene in “Spartacus” where Tony Curtis was giving Spartacus a bath. This was a slave/master relationship that would later shift the balance of power and become a nice piece of “lost footage” for the special edition. I believe this early attempt by the studios to censor Kubrick was the first sign that he was onto something that the establishment wanted quieted right away.

Bem foda.