On the run 110: Breakbot’s Lazy Sunday Selecta

, por Alexandre Matias

Breakbot toca aqui na semana que vem, junto com o Rapture, e que tal essa mixtape que ele fez para o Sun pra ir entrando no clima? Coisa fina…

Breakbot’s Lazy Sunday Selecta (MP3)

MFSB – “Something For Nothing”
Latoya Jackson – “A taste of You”
Count coolout – “Rhythm Rap Rock”
Mr Flash – “domino part A”
John Gary Williams – “Honey”
Surface – “Falling in Love”
Linda Lewis – “Class Style”
Gene Dunlap – “There’s Talk”
BB&Q Band – “Hard to Get Around”
Kashif – “I Just Gotta Have You”
Conway & Temple – “Love lights”
Kwick – “Nightlife”
Prince Charles and the City Beat Band – “bush beat”
Breakbot feat Ruckazoid – “Fantasy (acapella)”
Ron Richardson – “ooh wee babe”
The Nick Straker Band – “A Little Bit of Jazz”
Logg – “Dancing Into The Stars”
Dino Terrell – “You Can Do It (Beroy burgess edit)”
Fela Kuti – “Water No Get Enemy”
Cardell Funk Machine – “Shoot your shot”
Carly Simon – “Why”
Willie Hutch – “Mother’s theme (the mack ost)”
Saint Tropez – “Belle de jour”
J Dilla – “Don’t Cry”
Soul Mann and the Brothers – “Bumpy’s lament”
Zapp & Roger – “Dancefloor”
Exile – “Never Gonna Stop”
Gap Band – “Yearning For Your Love”
Gary Glenn – “Cause I love you”
Lamont Dozier – “Why (ain’t my love enough)”
DeBarge – “Stay With Me”

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