Colocar o pé pra fora da cama pode te ajudar a dormir melhor


E não tem superstição: é uma técnica cientificamente comprovada, como nos explica esse vídeo feito pela New York Magazine.

Louis CK e o furacão Sandy

O comediante Louis CK foi o apresentador do Saturday Night Live da semana passada e ele escreveu um texto para o blog do programa falando sobre o fato de sua apresentação acontecer no mesmo fim de semana em que um furacão passou por cima de Nova York. Se alguém quiser traduzir, reproduzo a tradução em seguida:

“Hello. Its louis here. I’m clacking this to you on my phone in my dressing room here at studio 8H, right in 30 rockefeller center, in Manhattan, new york city, new york, america, world, current snapshot of all existence everywhere.

Tonight I’m hosting Saturday Night Live, something I zero ever in my life saw happening to me. And yet here it is completely most probably happening (I mean, ANYTHING could NOT happen. So we’ll see).

I’ve been working here all week with the cast, crew, producers and writers of SNL, and with Lorne Michaels. Such a great and talented group of people.

And here we are in the middle of New York City, which was just slammed by a hurricane, leaving behind so much trouble, so much difficulty and trauma, which everyone here is still dealing with every day.

Last night we shot some pre-tape segments in greenwich Village, which was pitch black dark for blocks and blocks, as it has been for a week now.

Its pretty impossible to describe walking through these city streets in total darkness. It can’t even be called a trip through time, because as long as new york has lived, its been lit. By electricity, gas lamps, candlelight, kerosene. But this was pitch black, street after street, corner round corner. And for me, the village being the very place that made me into a comedian and a man, to walk through the heart of it and feel like, in a way, it was dead. I can’t tell you how that felt. And you also had a palpable sense that inside each dark window was a family or a student or an artist or an old woman living alone, just being in the dark and waiting for the day to come back. Like we were all having one big sleep over, but not so much fun as that.

This is how a lot of the city is still. I know people in queens, brooklyn, Staten Island, new jersey, all over, are not normal yet. And not normal is hard.

And here at 30 rock, these folks are working so hard this week. There are kids in the studio every day, because members of the crew and staff had to bring them to work. Many people are sharing lodging. Everyone is tired. But there’s this feeling here that we’ve got to put on a great show. I’m sure it feels like that here every week. But wow. I feel really lucky to be sharing this time with these particular good folks here at SNL.

In about 5 hours we’ll be going on the air. I’ll do a monologue. And we’ll show you some sketches that we wrote and try to make you laugh. I’m gonna look really dumb in some of this stuff. But I don’t care. Its awfully worth it. And I’m really excited.

Anyway. I just wanted to let you know. If you watch the show tonight, when Don Pardo says my name and you see me walking out, all the shit in this email is what ill be thinking. I’m a pretty lucky guy. I hope you enjoy the show.


Louis C.K.

Live. From new york. Its saturday night.”

A foto que ilustra o post é a capa da revista New York que eu vi no Camilo. E, abaixo, dois trechos da apresentação de Louis no programa, que encontrei no YouTube, o genial monólogo de abertura e a paródia que mistura seu seriado com o novo filme de Spielberg, Lincoln:


O episódio de hoje promete

Tudo bem que metade é expectativa do público, mas liguem os pontos. Primeiro, Michael Emerson, o Ben, em entrevista à New York:

ABC is being quite coy about tonight’s Desmond-themed episode, “Happily Ever After.” Are we in for something special tonight?
Like many other episodes this season, it’s … it’s just a good reveal. The door creaks open a little bit further. Something in the mechanics of the narrative is going to make itself … we’re going to think about things differently — certainly about Desmond.

Aí entra o Doc Jensen, o mestre de Lost da Entertainment Weekly, citando pontos de comparação entre o episódio do Richard e esse do Desmond:

It seemed like Lost was begging a Richard-Desmond comparison. So it makes me wonder if we’re being set up for a story that will accentuate their differences. The more I think about “Ab Aeterno,” the more I wonder if what we got was the opposite of “The Constant.” In that classic episode, we got an example of Island magic facilitating a connection between lovers (Des and Pen) separated by time and space. Same deal in “Ab Aeterno.” Via Ghost Whisperer Hurley, Richard got to have a date with his dead wife, Isabella. But whereas the DesPen hook up was legit, I suspect Richabella’s spectral skyping was a Smokey-engineered con designed to manipulate Alpert to make his Force 10 From Navarone play on the Ajira plane on Hydra Island.

Hmmmm… E aí no mesmo post um leitor dele comenta:

I didn’t pick up on it at first, but someone pointed it out so I went back and listened a handful of times, and now I’m 99 percent certain that Keamy told Jin “I’m gonna strap you in here just in case you figure out what’s about to happen to your island.” What in the world could that mean!?

E aí, pra finalizar, vem o próprio Carlton Cuse, via Twitter:


Obama fingindo interesse em assuntos chatos



“Quem diria…”

“Posso imaginar…”

“É mesmo?”



“Puxa vida…”

Dá pra imaginar o presidente americano pensando nessas frases para desconversar taxista chato ao ter que lidar com todo tipo de visita oficial. As imagens acima são apenas algumas de uma extensa galeria reunida pela revista New York. Mas boto fé que até nessa o Lula bateria o Obama.

O melhor filme que nunca foi feito?

O mítico Napoleão de Stanley Kubrick já saiu oficialmente das especulações e foi para o papel. A revista New York já deu uma olhada no livro e separou algumas fotos. Olha o nível de insanidade do cara…