Vida Fodona #132: Mané Barack Obama

Outro Soundsystem, desta vez pra dançar.

Empire of the Sun – “Walking on a Dream”
Van She – “Kelly (Breakbot Remix)”
Chromeo – “Bonafied Lovin’ (Sweetlight Remix)”
Cansei de Ser Sexy – “Move (Metronomy Remix)”
Party Ben – “Let There Be Love”
MGMT – “Kids (Soulwax Remix)”
Bodyrox (feat. Luciana) – “Yeah Yeah”
Soulwax – “Accidents and Compliments”
Hot Chip – “Ready for the Floor”
Divide & Kreate – “Party Kisser”
Black Kids (feat. Lil Wayne) – “Not Gonna Teach Him (The Twelves Kickmix)”
Cicada – “Falling Rockets (Just a Band Remix)”
Bag Raiders – “Turbo Love”
Cut Copy – “Hearts on Fire (Clockwork Remix)”
Let’s Get Invisible – “The Spices of Love Chesty (Namedrop Remix)”
Dunproofin – “Police Klaxons”
Friendly Fires – “Paris (Aeroplane Remix feat. Au Revoir Simone)”