Londres 2011: Homem é preso por organizar uma briga de água em redes sociais

, por Alexandre Matias

Do Guardian:

The prime minister said last week that the government would investigate whether social networking platforms should be shut down if they helped to “plot” crime in the wake of the riots.

The 20-year-old from Colchester was arrested on Friday after Essex police discovered the alleged plans circulating on the BlackBerry Messenger service and Facebook.

The unnamed man has been charged with “encouraging or assisting in the commission of an offence” under the 2007 Serious Crime Act, police said.

He was arrested with another 20-year-old man the day the water fight was allegedly due to take place, and has been bailed to appear before Colchester magistrates on 1 September. The second man was released without charge.

E há quem ache que eu exagero… A foto é do ano novo tailandês (comemorado à base de água) e eu peguei no Telegraph.

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