“In My Life” – Beatles

, por Alexandre Matias

[Intro] A E7

There are [A]pla-ces I’ll re[F#m]member[A7]
All my [D]li__fe[Dm], though [A]some have changed.
[A]Some forever, not for [F#m]Better;[A7]
Some have [D]go__ne[Dm], and [A]some re-main.

All these [F#m]plac-es had__their__[D]moments,
With [G]lovers and friends _ I [A]still re-call.
Some are [F#m]dead_and_some_are _[B7]iving,
In [Dm]my__life I’ve [A]loved them all.

[A][E7]But of [A]all these friends and [F#m]lov-ers[A7],
There is [D]no__one[Dm] com[A]pares with you.
[A]And these mem’-ries lose their [F#m]meaning[A7],
When I [D]think of__[Dm]love as [A]some-thing new.

Tho’ I [F#m]know__I’ll__nev-er lose af-[D]fection
For [G]people and things_that [A]went be-fore,
I [F#m]know I’ll of-ten stop and think a-[B7]bout them.
In [Dm]My__Life I [A]love you more.

[A] [E] [F#m] [A7] [D] [Dm6] [A] [E]
[A] [E] [F#m] [A7] [D] [Dm6] [A] [E] [A]

In [Dm]My__Life I [A]love you more.

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