Uma pequena diferença

“Religion is a culture of faith; science is a culture of doubt”

Richard Feynman

Burroughs psicopata

Vi na Letícia.

Um conselho de Mae West

Deixa eu te explicar:

Ou melhor, deixa o Mike Monteiro te explicar, porque ele é melhor com as palavras do que eu.


Viver é foda

Do Weeds and Hips.

Diz Seth Godin…

Corporations and organizations brainwashed generations of people to believe that they had no option. Go to school, go to the placement office, get a job, do what you’re told. The amazing reality of our time is this is no longer true. And yet. And yet few people are developing their alternative, building an external reputation and yes, even moonlighting on the weekends. When you have the option, not only does your confidence change, your work does as well.

Mais aqui.