Eu vivo a vida cantando…

, por Alexandre Matias

Post quase inteiro surrupiado do Ronaldo, só variei a foto para outra do mesmo set que Lily Allen fez para a GQ. Numa entrevista à revista Word, ao ser perguntada sobre se ela se preocupa com o futuro da indústria da música, ela respondeu:

“I do! I was having dinner with Mick Jagger the other night and I said to him, ‘I fucking hate people like you!’

“We were talking about the music industry and I told him it really irritates me that I’ll never make anything like the amount of money they have and he said, ‘Well, when we started out there was no money either; then, in the ’70s and ’80s, there was this huge boom. But it’s gone down again now.’

“But I often think, ‘I’m really famous and I sell a lot of records, why aren’t I a multi-millionaire?’

“Don’t sign a record deal – that’s my advice. Do it yourself. And definitely don’t sign a three-sixty deal! Actually, I want to start a management company called Seven-Twenty…”

“The only thing I get [from Terra Firma] is emails saying, ‘Where’s your fucking album? We gave you £150,000 [$300k] last year. Where is it?’. I read a piece with Miles – my record company boss – in Music Week [magazine] the other day, talking about me as his thing for ‘Quarter Four’. It made me feel disgusting, like some cheap product. It’s really sad for EMI. I hate Terra Firma. They’re wankers and they don’t know what they’re doing. They will fail. They don’t know how to run a creative business. They are killing us, frankly”.

“I got £50,000 [$100k] for my first album and I sold a lot of records. I worked really hard and was put up in nice hotels and treated well and went on to sell two-and-a-half million albums for EMI. So I expected the next time round for things to get better. But they got worse. I get emails asking if I could go to go to Paris for a week to work with some hot producer. I ask for a hotel and I get a two-star place in the eighth arrondissement on my own.”

“I’m like, ‘Do you want me to get raped and killed?’ Maybe that is what they want? Terror Murder! The annoying thing is, I know that twenty years ago I’d have been booked in at the Ritz with five grams of cocaine on my table and ten bunches of flowers. Some new clothes. A chauffeur on twenty-four-hour call. Now I’m lucky to get an Oyster card”.

“I’m not snobby, but if I have to go away for work, why can’t it be nice for me when it’s making you money? I make no money from selling records – obviously – but they’re still arsey about hair and makeup!”

“They don’t understand anything. They have all these annoying people running the company who have no idea what it’s all about. I look at Universal and see they’re doing it well.”

“So that’s what I think of them. It’s an uphill battle. I wish I could get dropped. But it won’t happen. But it’s not EMI that are the arseholes – it’s Terra Firma. The people who work with me from EMI are brilliant.”

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