O Deus errado


Bem bom o episódio dessa semana do Porta dos Fundos (que está na próxima Galileu, que chega às bancas neste fim de semana):

É uma boa versão adaptada desse já clássico do Rowan Atkinson, “Inferno”, que parte da mesma lógica, só que do outro lado…

Todo bom religioso odeia Richard Dawkins

A ponto de desejar sua morte.

Veja o próprio Dawkins lendo os e-mails que recebe de religiosos que o odeiam.

Vai brincando com deuses indianos, vai…




Redemoinho + arco-íris? Só pode ser Deus

A fé move montanhas…

Deus é parte do 1%

Once upon a time a very, very angry man named “god” created the world, got pissed off at everybody and killed them all with a flood, except for his buddy Noah and his 2 live crew. Later God decided everyone is so lame that he chose his “chosen people” to give a plot of real estate to while telling everyone else to fuck off, ordered some ethnic cleansings to clear out the area and so forth. Still finding nearly all people to be unbearable (and who can blame him, really?) this god person decided, out of the kindness of his heart, to send his only son to be brutally tortured and savagely murdered so that he won’t have to send us all into a lake of hell fire for all eternity, because he loves us. About 600 years later, god met this slave owner named Mohammed who also hated most people and the two of them really hit it off. God told Mohammed to wipe out the Jews, the Christians, basically everyone who did not see the the world the way that he did, and together they decided to call this new way of thinking, “the religion of peace”. But now the religion of peace wants to wipe god’s chosen people off of their plot of real estate and the followers of god’s poor brutalized son – whom the chosen people killed (oops, epic fail there guys) see this as a good thing because it will bring about the end of the world, and god’s son will appear in the clouds while the rest of us can go to hell. What does this all mean? It means god must be stopped and his followers need to give us back our planet before they blow the whole damned thing up in one big rapturous apocalyptic orgasm of self fulfilling prophecy. In other words GOD IS PART OF THE 1 PERCENT. He must be stopped.

Vi aqui.