Damon Albarn: “O Blur não acabou”

, por Alexandre Matias

Nem o Gorillaz! Segundo o próprio (visto acima na capa da Word mais recente), em uma entrevista ao Metro inglês:

Are Blur and Gorillaz both finished?
No. That comes from an article which was an interesting take on a very long conversation. I don’t know how we’ll feel when we play Hyde Park. Some days I feel one way and other days I feel the other. If you don’t see something as a career but as an important part of your life, you don’t know how you’re going to feel about it. We want to put on a great performance but nothing’s been said between us about the beginning or the end.

What about Gorillaz?
When Jamie [Hewlett] and I have worked out our differences, I’m sure we’ll make another record.

Will that be difficult?
I don’t think so. We’ve been through too much together for it to be that big of a mountain to climb. We’ve just fallen out like mates do sometimes. I’m not the only person to fall out with mates and then make up again – everyone does it.

Are you looking forward to the Hyde Park gig in August?
Very much so. I love playing with Blur – it’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever had. At the same time, though, I don’t want to cock it all up by staying around too long and making a fool of myself. At 44, there’s a little trepidation about jumping around on stage but I love it.

E a NPR descolou a íntegra de sua ópera, Dr. Dee, para audição, saca só.

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