Anitta na Forbes e Porta dos Fundos no New York Times

, por Alexandre Matias


Haters gonna hate em dose dupla. Primeiro a Forbes sobre a Anitta:

Anitta’s freshness and girl next door beauty can be an asset in a moment when industry power brokers have learned to prioritize sexual attractiveness just as much as musical talent as they fight a crowded field for movie deals, magazine covers, and fashion lines, let alone record deals. The latest Forbes Celebrity 100 list just proves that, as 3 out of its Top 10 entertainers are female musicians who fit in that category (Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Taylor Swift).

If Anitta is to join them, only time will tell. But so far her meteoric career has indicated Brazil may be too small for her.

Depois é o New York Times quem comenta o Porta dos Fundos:

Brazil certainly offers the kind of environment in which a venture like Porta dos Fundos can thrive. The nation recently ranked second after the United States in both Facebook users and Twitter accounts, reflecting its effervescent social media use. Independent satirists and writers also generally feel unhindered in pushing the limits of freedom of expression in Latin America’s largest democracy.

When they are not shooting a video, the partners in Porta dos Fundos are incongruously serious and earnest in explaining their work. Fábio Porchat, a stand-up comedian who may be the troupe’s most famous member, says they draw inspiration from an array of sources, including Monty Python; Luís Fernando Veríssimo, a Brazilian writer and cartoonist; the British playwright Harold Pinter; and “South Park,” the adult animated sitcom in the United States.

“Humor puts a light on a certain subject,” said Mr. Porchat, 30, who has more Twitter followers than Romário de Souza Faria, the outspoken Brazilian soccer legend who is now a federal legislator. “You can understand a little bit more what’s happening about that subject laughing about it.”

E dizem que o Brasil vai mal. Como diz o novo ditado: “se isso é estar na pior…”

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