A filmografia de David Lynch em menos de 140 caracteres, por David Lynch

, por Alexandre Matias

No final do ano passado, David Lynch deu uma entrevista ao Guardian através do Twitter e, no meio do papo, foi desafiado a resumir seus filmes na quantidade máxima de caracteres permitidos pela rede social do passarinho. Mestre da autopromoção, o melhor topete da história do cinema, esmerilhou:

Inland Empire:
I told Laura Dern during Wild at Heart that I wanted to make a 3-hour DV tribute to her face, but she thought I was joking 🙂

Mulholland Drive:
Began as documentary about bum behind LA diner carrying odd box. He was gone the next day, so I guessed how it would’ve turned out.

The Straight Story:
An old man makes a long journey by tractor to mend his relationship with an ill brother.

Lost Highway:
The key to the entire film is during the scene where Bill Pullman wails on the sax. That’s f*cking crazy man! LOL!

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me:
About America’s dependence on TV and benefits of meditation. Thought this was obvious in the scene with Bowie.

Wild at Heart:
For some reason I think about Nicolas Cage every time I watch The Wizard of Oz. He won’t leave my head! This film was therapeutic.

Blue Velvet:
Kyle MacLachlan = me, Dennis Hopper = The Producers of Dune who wouldn’t give me final cut. It is a film about good and evil.

Actually this was a very explicit summary of my thoughts on God, the human condition and the meaning of life. But that cut wasn’t released.

The Elephant Man:
A metaphor for inhumanity of ivory trade. Thought the title made this clear?

People think this film is oppressive, but I say that it is the most spiritual movie I’ve made, and I’m going to tell you why. It’s because w

Gênio, gênio. Seu cinema é quase um detalhe.

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