O fim do Sonic Youth

, por Alexandre Matias

Eis que o show do SWU foi mesmo o último da banda. Pelo menos de sua biografia oficial. Lee Ranaldo, na Rolling Stone:

You just came back from a tour of South America with Sonic Youth and as you said, Kim and Thurston just recently broke up. How did that affect that tour? Was it something that had been going on for a while, or was this a sudden thing for you?
Well, it’s not as sudden for me as it’s been in terms of the press and what not. Actually, the tour went really well. It really didn’t affect it all that much. It was a pretty good tour overall. I mean, there was a little bit of tiptoeing around and some different situations with the traveling– you know, they’re not sharing a room anymore or anything like that. I would say in general the shows went really well. It kind of remains to be seen at this point what happens to the future. I think they are certainly the last shows for a while and I guess I’d just leave it at that.

Are you optimistic about the future of the band?
I’m feeling optimistic about the future no matter what happens at this point. I mean, every band runs its course. We’ve been together way longer than any of us ever imagined would happen and it’s been for the most part an incredibly pleasurable ride. There’s still a lot of stuff we’re going to continue to do. There’s tons and tons of archival projects and things like that that are still going on, so there are so many ways in which we are tied to each other for the future both musically and in other ways. I’m just happy right now to let the future take its course and I guess I’m kind of thankful that I’ve got this other project that kind of came about on its own. It wasn’t kind of like, well, “Oh the band is ending for a while and I’ve got to figure out what to do.” It kind of naturally happened in the course of things so that was a nice way for that to come about. I played my first show the day after Kim and Thurston announced [their separation.] That was completely weird.

Quem assistiu ao último show dos caras?

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5 thoughts on “O fim do Sonic Youth

  1. Mateus disse:

    Me parece mais um hiato do que o fim da banda como uma entidade que grava e excursiona.

  2. Mateus disse:

    Melhor dizendo, acho que a própria banda não sabe exatamente como e se continuará. E felizmente não houve um anúncio oficial de seu fim.

    Acho os comentários postados no fórum oficial pertinentes:


  3. valmir chicarolli disse:

    Eu assisti. E achei melancólico e burocrático. Parecia algo como “vamos terminar esta merda logo”.

  4. diego d disse:

    eu assisti, achei melancólico sim, burocrático jamais. aliás, acho até difícil de encaixar sonic youth e burocrático na msm frase.

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