“What are you lookin’ at? There’s nothing to see”

“Nobody can replace anybody else, so, it would be a shame to make it a competition”

“Please, take these old thoughts away…”

“I can’t seem to focus and you don’t seem to notice, I’m not here, I’m just a mirror”

“Que pena, no aquário onde você me deixou, nada disso importa”

“Quantas vezes nossas lágrimas secaram, mas no peito ainda havia dor e a gente se calou”

“Que ruedan y ruedan y ruedan y ruedan y ruedan….”

“Day to night to morning, keep with me in the moment”

“Acting stupid, what’s happening?”

“We started talkin’ ‘bout the future, ‘bout the notion I was motioning”