“Please, take these old thoughts away…”

“I can’t seem to focus and you don’t seem to notice, I’m not here, I’m just a mirror”

“Que pena, no aquário onde você me deixou, nada disso importa”

“We started talkin’ ‘bout the future, ‘bout the notion I was motioning”

“Nossa roda de invocação”

“She’s my only friend, my soul, my hope”

“Should I go away? Should I try to hide my feelings instead?”

“Oh, well I guess I can plan, but it’s all just pretend when I’m close to you”

“This is One Nation Under a Roof, ain’t that the truth?”

Luiz Romero (Divulgação)

“Nas igrejas e nos templos quase tudo pode, pode entrar armado – faça sua prece”