Vida Fodona #532: Baixas temperaturas


Segue o frio – e que frio!

Clash – “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”
Stooges – “T.V. Eye”
Inocentes – “Ele Disse Não”
Smack – “Rádio Smack”
The Fall – “Living Too Late”
New Order – “Every Little Counts”
LCD Soundsystem – “Dance Yrself Clean”
You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown – “Above the Wall”
Konk – “Konk Party”
Painel de Controle – “Relax (Extended Waxist Version)”
Sequence – “Funk You Up (Long Version)”
Daft Punk + Julian Casablancas – “Instant Crush”
Paul Simon – “The Werewolf”
Talking Heads – “Papa Legba”
John Carpenter – “This is Not a Dream”
Giorgio Moroder – “74 is the New 24”
Hot Chip – “Flutes”
Céu – “Varanda Suspensa”
Hurts – “Lights”
Radiohead – “Identikit”
Tatá Aeroplano – “Cadente”
Michael Kiwanuka – “Love & Hate”
Wilco – “If I Ever Was a Child”

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