Vida Fodona #384: Contra o frio


Vocês conhecem o meu antídoto…

Disclosure – “F For You”
Kavinsky – “Odd Look”
Charlotte Gainsbourg + Beck – “Heaven Can Wait”
Rafael Castro – “Surdo Mudo”
Mopho – “Mosca Sobre a Cabeça”
Is Tropical – “Dancing Anymore”
Portugal The Man – “Purple Yellow Red and Blue”
Haim – “Forever”
Jagwar Ma – “The Throw”
Washed Out – “Don’t Give Up”
Holy Ghost – “Dumb Disco Ideas”
Ratatat – “Lex”
Phoenix – “Trying to Be Cool (Breakbot Remix)”
Daft Punk – “Giorgio by Moroder (Instrumental)”


Você pode gostar...