Vida Fodona #138: O primeiro Vida Fodona de 2009

Feliz ano novo aê povo!

Franz Ferdinand – “Ulysses (Disco Bloodbath Remix)”
Burro Morto – “Cabaret”
Pacific! – “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
Midnight Juggernauts – “Into the Galaxy (Metronomy Remix)”
Maroon 5 – “This Love (Cut Copy Galactic Beach House Mix)”
Ladyhawke – “Better than Sunday”
Bag Raiders – “Shooting Stars”
Nego Moçambique – “Highlander do Funk”
Cansei de Ser Sexy – “Left Behind (João Brasil Tropical Mix)”
Marisa Monte – “Não é Proibido (Deeplick Remix)”
Britney Spears – “Womanizer (Teenagers Remix)”
All-American Rejects – “Gives You Hell (Bloody Beetroots Remix)”
Ting Tings – “Great DJ (Chernobyl Remix)”
Animal Collective – “Taste”
Passion Pit – “Sleepyhead”
We Start Fires – “Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty”
Flaming Lips – “It Was a Very Good Year”
Morrissey – “One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell”
Black Lips – “Starting Over”

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