Um documentário e a volta (!!!) dos Smiths

Mais um resgate feito a partir da reedição que a Rhino tá fazendo de toda obra dos Smiths. Um lançamento que pode, sem querer, dar origem à mais improvável volta de todas – sim, Morrissey e Marr voltaram a se encontrar, por incrível que pareça. A Fab que deu o toque sobre a notícia no Sun:

“I last saw Morrissey a couple of years ago and we hung out for an afternoon and it was pretty funny.

“I’m going to be hanging out with and maybe playing with Andy soon and then getting an email now and then off Mozza is nice. People think The Smiths are bad news, especially when we split, but it’s not.

E se todo ano a gente tem visto um novo grande revival indie (Pavement, Pulp, Suede e agora os Stone Roses), os Smiths sem dúvida, são os maiores de todos. Afinal, foram eles basicamente quem inventaram o que a gente chama de indie até hoje, tanto em termos de som quanto de estética.

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  1. Marina disse:

    Você saberia me dizer quem é que está cantando no início do vídeo?! Que linda interpretação!

    • Putz, eu dei uma procurada, olha o que eu achei.

      Ever since acquiring and watching the Granada “These Things Take Time” documentary off dime, also here, I have wondered who the singer is that performs the great cover version of “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.”

      I have hunted around the internet and searched Smiths forums and have been unable to find the answer. I did see that others had also posted asking who this singer is. I decided to put my detective hat on, call up google and try again.

      First stop, the Granada TV web site. I am from the U.S. so am really unfamiliar with how UK TV is set up. Regardless I found nothing useful there. I then tried but there was no listing for the documentary there. Next I found some articles written back when the show first aired. Had to use the internet archive to read them as they were no longer being hosted by their original sites. These made me think to search for David Nolan, the documentary’s writer and producer. There I found that David Nolan has a myspace page – Here I decided to send Mr. Nolan an email and ask if he knew.

      He replied and basically said that the singer is a jazz singer of some note but he could not remember her name. He stated that her name should be in the credits (it isn’t in the version I have). He mentioned that the cover version is a discarded track from a never completed Grant Showbiz project of unusual Smiths covers. He also says that the documentary is the only place one would be able to find the track as it was never released, and he claimed it was recovered from the dustbin to use on the documentary. Such a wonderful interpretation almost thrown away.

      Anyone know of any Jazz singers in the Smiths-Grant Showbiz orbit that might be the singer in question?

      I have followed up with Mr. Nolan and will add any additional info I find out.