The making of Lana Del Rey

Eis a capa do primeiro lançamento físico da moça. E abaixo, o único clipe dela que eu ainda não postei aqui.

Perceba: três clipes no YouTube antes de lançar o primeiro single. E de uma entrevista no Guardian

She is politely reticent about her childhood, mentioning two younger siblings and parents who are “fine” with her being a professional musician. A self-taught guitarist, Del Rey says that hip-hop was her first musical love, specifically Biggie Smalls and Eminem. Later, when she moved to New York to study metaphysics at college – she specialised in “working out whether we could mathematically prove God’s existence” – she discovered Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. After striking up a friendship with the Spanish Harlem-based rapper Princess Superstar and moving to a trailer in New Jersey, Del Rey developed a love of Nirvana, an enthusiasm she still has today.

But her loner status seems to have been shaped at 15, when she went to boarding school. “As a teenager, to be in a place you can’t leave is dangerous because if people don’t like you, you can’t get away from them. Then you might start to think that’s the way the world is [always] going to be.”

Del Rey reveals herself to be articulate, smart and insightful. But “likes” pepper her sentences; she describes melodies as “super pretty” and her eyes flit girlishly downwards when she talks. She seems to be playing up her youth and describes herself as “Lolita got lost in the hood”. Her music does have an innate childlike melancholy to it. But in person the popstar she is most reminiscent of is Lily Allen.

E os clipes dela (meio webcam, meio tumblr, meio fotolog, meio gif animado) têm tudo a ver com aquele papo de obsolescência do pós-modernismo frente ao digital.

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  1. 25/09/2011

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