On the run 76: Rory Philips Post Punk Party Mix Recorded Live at Trash 2006

Outro dia o Bruno linkou um set que o Rory Philips fez de um dos meus gêneros musicais favoritos, o pós-punk, tocado apenas em vinil numa Trash de 2006. Achei de bom relinká-lo por aqui.

Post Punk Party Mix Recorded Live at Trash 17/05/06 (MP3)

Delta 5 ‘You’ (Rough Trade)
Kleenex ‘U’ (Rough Trade)
Girls At Our Best ‘Go For Gold’ (Happy Birthday)
Restricted Code ‘Pleased To Meet You’ (Pop Aural)
Mo-Dettes ‘White Mice’ (Mode)
Glaxo Babies ‘Limited Entertainment’ (Y)
Bush Tetras ‘Boom!’ (ROIR)
A Certain Ratio ‘Shack Up’ (Factory)
Maximum Joy ‘Stretch’ (Y)
Medium Medium ‘So Hungry So Angry’ (Cherry Red)
Liquid Liquid ‘Optimo’ (99)
Mouth ‘Who’s Hot’ (Y)
Fire Engines ‘Candyskin’ (Pop Aural)
The Monochrome Set ‘He’s Frank’ (Rough Trade)
Come On ‘Don’t Walk On The Kitchen Floor’ (Come On)
ESG ‘My Love For You’ (99)
James White & The Blacks ‘Contort Yourself’ (Ze)
Glaxo Babies ‘Shake’ (Y)
The Tesco Bombers ‘You Break The Ice At Parties’ (Y)
The Red Crayola ‘Born In Flames’ (Rough Trade)

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