Gaby Amarantos no Guardian

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Her music sounds, to our untrained ears anyway, like a mashup of 90s Euro rave, moombahton, cumbia, and the kind of Hispanic electro-pop you hear in discos on holiday when you’re out of your mind on budget cocktails. Like Gloria Estefan with techno knobs on – or rather, Glozzer in a clinch with Technotronic. In Brazil, it has its own genre name – “tecnobrega” – which literally translates as “techno-naff”, and is a modern electronic version of the sort of tacky romantic music that has been big in the north of Brazil since the 70s.

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  1. Paulo Diógenes disse:

    É assim que tem que ser: eles mandam um monte de bosta pra gente, a gente devolve na mesma moeda… Vide Michel Teló tipo exportação…

  2. Jacqueline disse:

    Gaby diva!